Some People Just Really Don’t Love Pumpkin Spice…

Some people wait all year for pumpkin spice to come back out. My sister-in-law is one of those people. All summer long she stays out in the sunshine, tanning her skin to the perfect shade of pumpkin spice so that when she reaches it – she knows it’s time. Okay, that part may not be true. But still…as cooler weather rolls in, the pumpkin spice comes out. She slips into her Uggs, shimmies into a flannel top (even though we live in Texas) and stands outside of Starbucks like something straight out of The Walking Dead waiting for her pumpkin spiced drink. It’s madness. And apparently I’m not the only one who feels this way…take a look!

Seriously, I don’t get the trend. S’mores, sure. Salted hot chocolate, I’m all on board…but putting something that tastes like a gourd into my drink or on my food, anywhere near me is not my idea of a fun fall day. Even still, whatever makes you happy, folks. Whatever makes you happy. As long as we can still all agree that candy corn only ever belongs in the trash.

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