Patton Oswalt Opens Up About The Loss Of His Wife, And Helping His Daughter Cope…

It’s been almost six months since Patton Oswalt’s wife Michelle passed away suddenly in her sleep. With a young daughter to think about, Patton has spent this time dealing with his own grief, but also trying to help his daughter through this loss. If faced with the same situation, I’m not sure how I would survive, but Oswalt has managed to find humor in his grief, and tells Conan a story about when he tried to help his daughter through the first Mother’s Day without her mom…take a look!

What I love about Patton Oswalt is that he’s funny and irreverent about dealing with his grief, but still manages to show a sweet, fatherly side. A man who lost his wife unexpectedly, but who has vowed to keep on living and finding ways to love life so that his daughter can grow through this loss rather than become lost in it. My heart goes out to these two and I wish them the best for each day to come as they face this holiday season without Michelle.

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