Thanksgiving Confessions from a Burb (Grand)Mom

Three generations gathered around the Thanksgiving table ¦at my daughter's house. Over the river and through the hills to DAUGHTER ™S house we go!

Over the River and Through the Woods - feature

She took over hosting that holiday event four years ago ¦ seamlessly.

Her turkey was a work of art. I caught my son-in-law taking a picture of it before he wielded the carving knife. Now, that's a compliment! The grandmoms brought a few side dishes and the whole dinner came together perfectly at just the right moment. I ™ll admit it. I was SO PROUD!

As we sat down, my daughter asked firstborn grandson to offer a prayer. He gave his sweet child's verse in that still young voice. Then she asked each of us individually what we were most thankful for. Wow.

The adults, choking back a little emotion, had trouble keeping it short. The 19 month old scamp just looked happy to have us all together. Firstborn grandson, nine, said it best, I think. I ™m thankful for my Mom, my Dad, and my little brother. And Nana and Mimi and Paw Paw. And Mom's turkey! It's the best! And Pokemon!.

I looked into the faces of my grandsons and watched them enjoy the feast. Firstborn tore into the rolls and turkey. Green beans and potatoes, well not so much. The scamp seized on the candied yams and green beans. The turkey, not much interest. Ah multiples, they are so very different.

Football on TV, grandmoms cleaning the kitchen, the scamp playing hide and seek in the backyard with his dog, and firstborn grandson into his game things.

It just doesn't get better than family. I now know that family is anyone you care about. And family grows as time goes by. My son-in-law's mom is a great friend now. We have lots in common. My grandson's friends are family when they come to swim in summer. My neighbors are family, especially when they stop by to sit on the patio for awhile.

I am so thankful to have them all.Co

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