You’ve Never Seen BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY Like This Before!

Bohemian Rhapsody is arguably one of the best songs ever made. Not because it holds some deep musical richness, nor because it will stand the test of time and our children’s great grand children will still be singing it in schools (though, they might), but because as far as modern music goes it is one of those songs that crosses genre lines and is loved by people from every background imaginable. It’s a uniting song. There are very few people who will hear Bohemian Rhapsody playing and won’t start singing along. I think that’s what makes this video so amazing…it took a song that’s loved by so many and reinterpreted it in a way that elevates it even more. Just take a look!

It’s almost haunting watching Bohemian Rhapsody being danced to in a ballet. On stage the song comes alive, takes new meaning, crosses even further into the echelons of what music can become. Or maybe I’m taking it too far and it’s just really really neat watching it performed without the headbanging. I don’t know, I just know I dig it, man. I dig it a lot.

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