Adorable Rescued Owl Hugs Man Who Saved Her Life

Gigi the great horned owl was in a car accident that gave her a concussion, among other injuries. Brought into the Wild At Heart Rescue and suffering from severe head trauma, no one was sure if Gigi would even make it through the night. As they examined her, the caregivers discovered that Gigi suffered from far more than her car accident injuries…and that any amount of work they do might not matter, because she might not survive regardless. Still, the owner of Wild At Heart, Missy, and the president, Doug, believed they could save this beautiful creature. Known as the bird whisperer, Doug worked tirelessly to save Gigi and the results were astounding…take a look!

As Gigi recovered, Doug had to travel and leave her behind for a spell. Upon his return, and grateful at seeing the man who saved her, Gigi gave Doug what can only be seen as a hug. The way she laid her head against his shoulder and practically melted into his arms shows that not only did Doug save Gigi’s life…he gained a friend for life.

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