Rejected From THE VOICE Last Year, This Singer Comes Back To Wow Them All!

Last year when Nolan Neal auditioned for The Voice, he didn’t receive a single chair turn. After the audition ended, Adam Levine told him he picked the wrong song and that if he came back with the right song everything would be different. Rejected, but not willing to give up, Nolan went home with a mission to find his voice and bring it back to the series.

Not a stranger to heartache, Nolan realized this was nothing but a small bump in the road to where he wants to be. After losing his father to suicide, and coming back from drug addiction, Nolan devoted his life to pursuing his dream of music and wanted nothing more than to be a great example for his young son and show him that dreams can come true.

As the chords for Elton John’s Tiny Dancer rang out from the stage, The Voice coaches knew something magical was happening on stage…take a look!

Adam didn’t recognize Nolan at first, but once recognition hit, Adam knew he had a star in front of him. “You’ll be the first person ever to come back for a second season and win it all.” With all four judges having turned their chairs, it was certainly a night of celebration for Nolan. A chance to show his son that dreams really can come true and that hard work really can move mountains. Good luck, Nolan, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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