Anyone with kids already knows what’s coming in this video. Imagine: you go out with your kids and pass their favorite park…and the park is closed. Noooooooooo! That’s exactly what happens here. When this pet owner took her pup out for a late evening stroll, she tried to pass his favorite pet store – only, it’s closed. It IS 11:00 at night, after all. But does that deter the pooch from wanting to go in? Not in the least. And it’s funnier than you can imagine. Seriously, take a look!

“It’s closed, buddy. I swear it is.” That total look of mistrust. She’s Got to be wrong. Has to be. Oh, the times I’ve faced this with my kids. “It’s too late for cake, sweetie.” “Honey, we can’t go to the zoo, all the animals are sleeping.” “No, baby, Grandma isn’t going to want us to call right now – it’s 3:00 in the morning.” Yup. Perhaps it’s the sleep deprived part of me that made me laugh so hard? Or maybe just the part that nodded along the whole time, saying, “Been there. Beeeeeen theeeere.”

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