Online Safety Rules We Will Not Go Back On…

My husband and I have three parenting online safety rules we will not go back on…  No matter how much our kids ask or how educational the apps, we keep these rules in place all of the time.

1. Keep the computer in a public place.  
We have a computer in the living room and a laptop that stays in the office or kitchen (open area).   I have made a rule that no one is allowed to have electronics in their bedrooms.   I trust our kids (they are very young, but we trust them) but I do not trust the ads on their games.  I do not trust that their friends will not be sending them things that are “funny” to them, but inappropriate.  I do not trust that the will not see something that they shouldn’t see.
3. Electronics are charged in mom and dad’s bedroom.  
I do not want our kids to ever charge their phones in their rooms.  I know that when our kids are tweens/teens, they will probably get texts from friends (it is starting already at age 9) and I know that the ones that I shouldn’t be seeing will happen late at night. For that reason, phones, laptops and other electronics go into our room at bedtime and stay there all night.
3. Mom and Dad get access on your electronics to whatever they want, whenever they want.
If we want your phone, you hand it over, right then and there.  If you refuse or delete anything, you have lost privileges. Will you get in trouble for being honest?  No. We have made this very very clear.

Some say it is ‘invading their privacy’ but honestly, at these young ages, it hasn’t been an issue  and our kids have never questioned it.

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