These Siblings Had An Unusual Escort For Their First Day Of School…

The first day of school is stressful enough for anyone, but for the Sherlan family it was especially difficult. Justin Sherlan was a police officer who died from injuries received in the line of duty. So as a surprise to his children, more than two dozen officers showed up to escort them to their first day of school, in remembrance of Justin…take a look!

Jackson Sherlan was surely missing his father that first day of school, but to have so many show up to escort him to his class, the child couldn’t have been more excited. In return, once everyone was inside the school, Jackson gave each of the officers a hug of gratitude. Truly, losing a parent at such a young age has got to be devastating to any child, but with so many promising their love and support, it seems the Sherlan children will have plenty of surrogates to look up to in the years to come.

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