This Sweet Baby Can’t Smile, But Has The Best Laugh You’ll Ever Hear!

As a parent, I know we all look for those milestones. First smile, first laugh, crawling, walking, words, so many firsts to be had…but what if your baby simply never hit one? That’s what happened to little Max. As other babies who were his same age started to smile, Max never did. His family soon found out he had a neurological disorder that paralyzed his facial muscles – Max would never smile. What’s amazing, though, is that this sweet boy has the most infectious laugh you’ll ever hear! Take a look!

I can’t imagine how his mom and dad felt the first time they heard that laugh. From being unsure they’d be able to communicate with their baby to hearing a laugh like that must have truly been music to their ears. I don’t know if they’ll ever find a fix for Max’s condition, but it’s good to know that even if he can’t smile, he’s one happy baby.

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