This Father And Son Sing Frank Sinatra In The Car…

I think it’s safe to say we all aim to be the cool parent. Not necessarily the parent that lets their kids get away with anything, but we do want to be the parent whose kids go off to college and tell their friends, “Man, my parents were Awesome growing up.” I make brownies. And tell corny jokes. And kiss the tops of teenage heads because even though hugging is uncool, head kissing is surprisingly awesome. But with as much as mine think I’m the cool one, I’m never gonna be as cool as this dad singing Frank Sinatra in the car with his kid. Take a look!

Seriously, I want to be THAT when I grow up. I mean, I could try now but I’m pretty sure teenage is too old to get this to work. Still, if I had a do-over, I’d Definitely want my kids to be singing Ol’ Blue Eyes along side me in the carpool lane. Cause, yeah, that’s about the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

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