This Is What Ages 0 – 100 Look Like…

I remember crying on my tenth birthday. For some reason moving from single to double digits really upset me and birthdays have not gotten kinder over the years. So seeing a video like this is oddly comforting: a filmmaker in Amsterdam decided to do a project where she would film people from zero to 100 years old, and create a flip book of images, of sorts, to memorialize the changing years. Take a look!

The filmmaker wrote about her project, “I started in a park in Amsterdam. The middle years were easy to record, but it was much harder getting the very young and the very old.” In the end, she went to an eldercare facility to find her oldest subjects, and said the time spent with them was both humbling and wonderful. I don’t know how many of us will live to see 100, but after seeing this, and seeing how these people changed from person to person, I think I’m less scared about my next birthday than I’ve ever been.

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