This Very Pregnant Zumba Instructor Has ALL The Moves!

Pregnancy is all about peanut butter, pickles, and midnight runs for weird foods. It’s about putting your feet up, and being pampered, and relaxing and letting the world know that your growing another human inside of you. At least, that’s what all the sitcoms led me to believe when I was growing up. These days pregnant women are doing everything they did pre-pregnancy and in some cases even putting their non-pregnant peers to shame! Check out the amazing Zumba instructor, teaching a class two days before her due date!

I could barely tie my shoes when I was pregnant, so I can’t imagine how she’s got the energy for all this. Still, I’m in LOVE with it! With that much energy, I’m sure this mama’s going to have NO trouble keeping up with the kiddo once it’s here. Good luck to both of you, and can’t wait to see the baby dancing right beside you!

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