I always wanted a doppleganger. When I was a teenager people told me I looked like Drew Barrymore, but I think it’s only because we both had blonde hair at the time, and we both have a quirky side smile. I never met ET, I can’t start fires with my mind, and I never thought Tom Green was attractive or funny, so I definitely wouldn’t have married him. Still, the idea of a doppleganger just seems like fun. The thought that there’s someone else out there who looks so much like me that she could be my sister – whoa! These two young women are living my dream. Not only did they meet as strangers, they’re about to see if they’re actually related! Take a look! What I love about this is the results are a bit surprising, but it shows me what a truly small world we live in. I mean, for two people from two vastly different areas to look so very similar is uncanny, and a bit comforting. No, they might not be related, but it also shows that we aren’t as different as we think!

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