This Flight Attendant Is Just LOONEY!

Flying isn’t the greatest. For some people it’s just the worst, in fact. I, might be, one of those people. Still, there have been a few times where it hasn’t just been the most awful experience ever. One time was when I was on a Southwest flight and one of the flight attendants sang the announcements. I’d gotten onto the plane completely ready to have a horrible flight, and ended up having the flight of my life. It truly did make all the difference. I think that’s how the people on THIS flight must have felt when they heard their flight attendant…check it out!

I lost count of how many different voices he used, but holy cow! This made me laugh so hard! I’m not sure if I’ll ever hear him in action, but I’m SO glad I got to at least see this funny, funny man! Thanks for making flying great!

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