Pentatonix + Dolly Parton Singing Jolene = AMAZING!

There are some singers that will stay with you your entire life. That first boyband you had a crush on. That first singer you heard that sang straight to your soul. Then, there are some songs that make all the difference in your life. The song you were kissed to on prom night. The song you cried to during that painful breakup. That song that just touches you so deeply that every time you hear it it feels brand new. For me, Dolly Parton is that singer, and Jolene is one of those songs. So to hear it sung by Dolly and Pentatonix…you just have to listen.

Seriously, how amazing is that? I swear, Dolly just gets better and better with age. I have no idea how she’s managed to stay so amazing, but I will always love her. Always. And those voices? Pentatonix blows me away every single time I hear them. Seriously, THIS is a combo that will not soon be forgotten!

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