This Cute Little Girl Explains To Her Dad How Weddings Works

Weddings are amazing, but for me it’s always the little flower girl and ring bearer who steal the show. There’s never any telling what they’ll say or come up with, and their little fifteen minutes of stardom seems to give them the edge they need to say things they otherwise might not. Or, maybe they just learn things from weddings that they never knew before. That certainly seems to be the case here. This tiny flower girl tells her dad how marriage works, and it’s the cutest explanation ever! Take a look!

“And dad, you can’t call my name when I’m walking down the aisle. I’ll be busy. Walking down the aisle.” Seriously, she is too cute and I am cracking up. Have you ever seen a kiddo this cute before in your life? Good luck to the bride and groom…I’m sure they appreciated this little flower girl watching their back on their big day.

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