This Brother Is Surprising His Sister After Three Years Apart!

There is nothing as warming as the closeness of sibling. I grew up with two brothers, and I couldn’t imagine my life today with out them. My own kids are growing up close, and loving, and I can’t imagine them spending too much time apart. For Zoe that wasn’t an option. It’s been three years since she saw her brother and she missed him every single day. So after three years, her brother decided to surprise her at the airport, and her reaction is incredible! Take a look!

Did you see her face? That’s what family is about. I hate that she had to be away from her brother for so long, but this was a moment she’s going to remember for the rest of her life. I hope my kiddo’s never have to be away from each other for very long, but if they do, THIS is the reaction I want when they see each other again. Zoe, enjoy this time with your brother baby! I know he’s just as happy to see you.

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