This Nearly Frozen Kitten Came Back To Life!

Anyone who loves animals knows how heartbreaking it is to see a little one suffering. This story could have had a heartbreaking ending, but thankfully this little kitten was found by the right family at just the right time. While this family vacationing last Thanksgiving, they found a kitten frozen in the snow. At first it seemed like the little ball of fluff was too far gone to be saved. The kids were brought back outside to play because of the sad occurrence, but then…take a look!

How much did you love watching this kitten come back to life? I mean, I knew it would make it because who would post a video of a deceased kitten online, but that didn’t stop me from having my doubts there for a few minutes. I LOVE that this little baby now has a home and that it was the unexpected early Christmas miracle for this entire family. I hope you live a very long and happy life, Lazarus.

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