This Little Girl Uses Her Dog’s Tail As A Paintbrush!

There is something so magical about the relationship between a child and her pet. Whether it be curling up together for naps, or racing after the same ball in the backyard, dog, especially, seem to make amazing pets for children. Maybe it’s their inherent patient nature. At least, for this dog that seems to be the case. When his little ‘friend’ decides to use his tail as a paintbrush, THIS is what happens! Take a look!

How sweet is that pup? Our dogs are great with the babies, but I’m not sure any of them would sit and let their tails be used as a paintbrush. It’s like this dog loves his little kiddo so much that there is no fear or frustration, or impatience in his reaction to her. He just sits, patiently, by his human…and how beautiful is that?

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