This Baby Seal Narrowly Escapes Attack By Jumping Onto A Boat!

First, if you’re sensitive to adult language, you should turn the sound off on this video.

We all know that nature is wild. It’s a dog eat dog world and most of the time the little guy becomes dinner through no fault of his own. This seal wasn’t down for that. When a pack of orcas started chasing him (we’ll just call him Pudge), he managed to scramble onto a boat deck to avoid becoming dinner! Truly, I’ve never seen anything like this before in my life, take a look!

How amazing was his face once he made it up? Pudge was all, “Thanks, hooman!” And he kept trying to get back into the water, tried to go back to his business, but those orcas were stubborn. They circled the boat for ages. Seriously, he’s the size of a taco to them. They couldn’t find anything better or bigger to eat? Mean ol’ orcas.

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