These Baby Sloths Getting Swaddled Will Make You Say, “AWW!”

Babies of any species are cute enough, but there is just something about baby animals that’s especially endearing. Maybe it’s because they come out ready to do so many thing, yet still have that baby look and adorableness. Who knows? Puppies act so much like dogs, yet are just unquestionably baby-like, and these baby sloths, while still very much sloths, are just so so baby. These two little ones are special, though. They’re too young and too sick to hang with the other sloths, so they get to be bed buddies…and when they receive their medicine, it’s applied in possibly the cutest way ever…take a look!

I’ve never before seen a sloth (baby or not) in pajamas, but now I absolutely need a sloth. I NEED one, you see. These two are so precious, and the work being done to help them be healthy is incredible. I hope they live a super long (and super happy) life.

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