It’s not always easy to tell how kids are going to react to new siblings. Especially if they’ve been an only child for a while, and now have to share their space (and their parent’s love) with another human. Some kids take to it right away, while others really should just never be left alone with the baby. I’d like to think parent’s have a bit of a hand in making the transition easier, but I think sometimes it’s just kid personality and they react how they react. When Dan meets his sister Kate the first time, it’s easy to see that he’s excited and in love…take a look! Kate, just a quick word: I think you’ve got an amazing big brother in Dan. Not only did he give you a toy at your first meeting, but he immediately wanted to show you his action figures. I don’t know if that kind of love is always going to be around…I mean, the two of you are going to fight, and fuss, and still be brother and sister. But, I think you’re one of the very lucky ones and that you two are going to have an amazing life together. Best wishes to you and your entire family!

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