This Is What Happens When You Try To Cut Wood With Paper!

My dad is a woodworker. He’s got an entire shop full of cutting tools and instruments and I honestly don’t know what the difference between a tool and an instrument is, but I’m sure he could tell you. If there is a size of saw blade, he’s got it. If there’s a specific cutting tool, he’s got it. Tim The Tool Man Taylor and he would have gotten along fine had they been neighbors. This old house? Would have looked new once he was done with it. All I’m saying, is my dad appreciates all things woodwork.

He would love this. This woodworker decided to see what happened if he made a saw blade out of a piece of paper. Would it cut through paper? Cardboard? How about wood? Take a look and see!

All I can say after watching that is that would give you one awesome paper cut if ever you got in its way. Seriously, I’m impressed by someone even Thinking to see if it would work, much less putting it to use. Truly blew me away. Plus, can you imagine the conversation your kids would have with their teachers after this video? “Paper can cut wood.” “No it can’t.” Yuh huh. I saw the video.

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