This Mario Hamster Is Going To Make Your Day!

Anyone who was born into my generation grew up on Mario Bros. We had the cartoon, the movies, clothing line, the whole shebang. But what’s awesome is that Mario and his fam have managed to stay relevant, which is awesome because it’s something I can share with my kiddo’s that we both enjoy. Well, whoever decided to create this Mario maze for his hamster is truly a fan at heart. With the music and everything, this has GOT to be the cutest Mario-tribute I’ve ever seen! Take a look!

I watched this with my eight-year-old and the only thing he wanted to know is, “Where can we get one of those for Skippy (his hamster). I don’t know if that’s sold anywhere, bub, but I think it’d be an awesome project for us (and Skippy) to work on together. Huge kudos to whomever came up with this adorable tribute. Thanks for putting a smile on both of our faces!

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