This Mom Cut Off Her Daughter’s Long Hair!!

As a teenager everything is dramatic. Everything feels new and huge and like it’s the biggest deal ever. Well, for this young woman, getting her hair cut might actually be one of the biggest things ever. When this young woman decided to get her very long hair cut, she didn’t want to wait for her hairdresser, so she asked her mom to do it at home. What came next was ALL the emotions…take a look!

I’ve never been patient enough to grow my hair that long, but if I’d taken that time I’m not sure how I’d feel about cutting it. Her face is priceless, especially as her mom makes that big cut. Oh goodness! When I first cut my daughter’s long hair, the relief after it was over was almost palpable in the air. It was hilarious. And so was this. I love that she loves her new cut, and as her mom said – it’s just hair. It can grow back again if she wants it to.

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