This 6-Year-Old Has Advice For Her Mom After Her Parents Divorce

After her parents divorced, Jena has some important words for her mom. First, she wants to know if mom and dad are willing to be friends. If they are, there are some big things they’ll need to do. I don’t know where this little girl came across wisdom like this, but listening to her tell her mom what she wants now that her family is no longer a family is poignant and heartwarming. Take a look!

“I’m not trying to be mean,” she says over and over. As if she realizes her words might sting. She only wants everyone to get along; for everyone to treat each other fairly and as equals once again. How amazing is that? I think next time I need a pep talk, I’m definitely going to want to call on Jena. She seems to know, far beyond her years, exactly what she’s talking about!

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