This Adorable Squid Looks Like A Child’s Stuffed Animal…

Teaching kids about nature is something I love most as a mom. Watching their eyes light up as they learn about the world around them is a privilege that isn’t found in many other places. Their curiosity fuels me and makes me want to teach the more. When we go on walks, they explore everything, and I love being there to see them grow in their love of the world. It’s super cool, you know? I think that’s why I’m so jazzed about this video. Not only are they getting to learn about something they’d otherwise never know about, but it’s totally kid-worthy. This squid is basically a squeaky toy or stuffed animal come to life. Take a look!

How cool is that that this creature that’s normally found so far away has been found in California? I don’t know what that means for the species, or the ocean, or the area it’s in, but I know had this not happened we would have never even heard about them (probably). So cool.

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