This Is What Dog Heaven Looks Like: 2000 Balls With Stuffed Toys Tossed In!

I love dogs. We had dogs the entire time I was growing up as a kiddo, and even now we have three who live in my home. They LOVE the kids. I mean, love love. It might be because the baby drops food for them, or because the toddler will sit and pet them for hours and say “nie nie” over and over again, but these dogs absolutely earn the love they receive. As much as I love my dogs, I’ve never even THOUGHT to do what the person in this video did! These two dogs have no idea the absolute joy they’re in for when their owner brings home 2000 balls for them to play with. Amazing? Oh, yeah. Just take a look below!

Seriously, if there really is a doggy heaven, I’m 99% certain it looks exactly like this. I’ve never seen such happy, crazy playful faces before. At first they didn’t know what to think, but watching them swim through the balls after they figure it out is truly the best part of the entire video.

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