This Golden Retriever Hilariously Fails Obedience School

Anyone who has ever had dogs knows what clowns they are. They truly have minds of their own, and while you can try to ‘train’ them to do a lot of things, some dogs really will always have their own agenda. I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what’s happening here. In what appears to be a race, or obedience school of some sort, the owner (or trainer) stands at the end of a huge doggy obstacle course and calls for the pooch to come running. When I say obstacle course, I mean treats, toys, food, huge sausages – basically doggy heaven. Well, everything goes along dandy until the last dog…take a look!

If you ask me, that golden retriever had the right idea! Sure, he could try to win the race, but what about the journey!?! What about all those snacks and treats before the finish line? Not only is he hilarious in his ‘failings’, but I think he did exactly what all the other dogs wanted to do. Way to go, pooch. Way to go.

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