This Daddy And Daughter Singing ‘Tonight You Belong To Me’ Together Will Make Your Day!

Fireworks are amazing and beautiful, but they can also be hard on some little kiddo’s. I know when my daughter was little, she would cringe so much with the big bangs that I’d have to cover her ears just so she could enjoy the show. Things weren’t much different for YouTuber Benjamin J. Ames. When his four-year-old daughter couldn’t sleep because of the fireworks, he decided to do a duet with her to distract her. In the beginning she can’t be swayed, but as they keep singing, this little girl’s huge personality shines brighter than any fireworks display I’ve ever seen! Take a look!

When she sings moonlight, I die! Oh my gosh, she is definitely the cutest four-year-old ever (except for mine, of course). I absolutely love how her dad lets her be completely in charge of their singing time, too. Seriously, my life is better because they are in it. I hope you enjoyed it half as much as me!

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