This Funny Flower Girl Yells Down The Aisle For The Groom!

Kids are unpredictable enough, but when you bring them into a formal setting their unpredictability seems to take on a life of its own. That’s why it always seemed funny to me that flower girls and ring bearers are usually small children. Of course they are adorable as can be, so they make a great addition to the wedding, but sometimes the steal the show. That’s exactly what young Tegan here does as she starts to walk down the aisle in this wedding…take a look!

Am I the only one who saw her picking up the flowers as she headed down the aisle, too? How funny is she! Even with the chaos they cause, I think kids will always be my favorite part of weddings. I know Tegan definitely made this one memorable! Congratulations on the nuptials, and best wishes to all!

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