One of the most wonderful things about the Olympics is getting to feel connected to the larger world. Athletes that would never have made the news are suddenly thrust into the spotlight and their personalities become as big as their athletic prowess. Or, at least that’s the case for China’s Fu Yuanhui. Yuanhui thought she’s wow the world with her backstroke, but it quickly became apparent that it was her after-swim interviews that really made her shine, take a look!

How adorable is she? I think my favorite part is that she was as happy as could be, even before she realized she’d won a medal. For one, she now had the fastest backstroke record in China (amazing!), but she’d also given all of her “Mystic Energy” toward that swim. I don’t know about you, but I think from now on if I’m not giving my full “Mystic Energy” in everything I do, I need to work harder! Congratulations on a great swim and I, for one, hope to see you again in 2020!

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