Marc Mero knows what it means to have someone who believes in you. He also knows what it means to not deserve that kind of love. When Marc was a teenager, he fell in with the wrong crowd and soon began using drugs and drinking excessively. Even still, his mother was there for him. In this presentation before a middle school audience, Marc laid out his relationship with his mother, and about the love she always gave him, despite what he deserved…take a look! I don’t know about you, but I bawled like a baby during this video. I imagine many parents would. I’ve never heard Marc Mero speak before, but I’m so glad he’s sharing his story with people in this way, and showing kids what it means to have someone believe in them. It’s easy to feel alienated as a kid, so for them to see this professional wrestler break down what a mother’s love truly is, well, all I want to do now is go hug my kids.

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