This Weightlifter Shows, Whether You Win Or Lose You Should Always Have Fun

If there’s one thing the olympics does, it brings people closer together. This year I’ve found myself cheering for athletes across the globe, many from countries I’d never heard of. That’s exactly what happened when David Katoatau, a weightlifter from the tiny island republic of Kiribati, showed off his sportsmanship. See, David had some good lifts and some bad ones. But the thing that was remarkable about him was that no matter how he did, he always ended with a smile and a dance. Take a look!

How awesome his he? I’d never heard of Kiribati before I watched David lift, but after seeing him I couldn’t wait to see where he came from. It’s no wonder he’s so happy! Kiribati is a gorgeous island close to Australia where the people live on fish and happiness. Maybe a bit more, but every picture I saw showed smiles and good times. Coming from a place like that, I’d be dancing, too!

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