This Toddler Does NOT Want To Be A Part Of This Carseat Demo

Noah might be little, but he knows exactly what he wants. Or, in this case, doesn’t want. And he knows he wants no part of this carseat demonstration. In fact, when the reporter asks Noah’s mom to strap him in so that they could demonstrate proper carseat installation, Noah did THIS instead…take a look!

Kids are funny little creatures. If we want them to turn left, they will always turn right. If we want to show off our beautiful baby to the world during what ‘should’ have been an easy demo, well, that’s just not going to happen. But we’ve all been there. And what makes this so amazing is that every mother who watched it probably nodded in sympathy for what was going on. We’ve ALL been there. All I can say is good luck to Noah’s mamma because it looks like he’s determined to live his own life!

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