I don’t want to spoil this video for you, so all I’ll say is this is a definite two-tissue video. It’s been ten years since Jeffrey last saw his mother. Distance and money had made it impossible for the two to see each other, so even though they have video chatted, and talked on the phone, it’s been too long since they last hugged. So when Jeffrey comes home after a long day and sees his brother (whom he hasn’t seen for four years), he’s blown away. It’s enough for him to just see his brother, but then he sees his mom and, well, just take a look! I’m seriously still tearing up over this video! I knew he’d be excited to see her, but I never expected that reaction. I’m so used to seeing grown men who maybe don’t show as much emotion, so for Jeffrey to react this strongly truly makes me tear up and feel all warm and gooey inside. I hope this family had a wonderful visit, and I hope they get to see each other again really soon.

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