Big brothers are the protectors for their little sisters, but that doesn’t mean little sister can’t give anything back. I’ve got two brothers, one big, one little, and I Worshiped my big brother for YEARS. When he came into the room, my eyes lit up and he was the only person I wanted to spend time with. This little girl is the same way about her big brother. Every day he goes to school, and she waits for him to come home. As soon as the bus stops, she does THIS to show him just how much she loves him…take a look! How adorable are they? I love that big brother never seemed to lose his patience with her, or get exasperated with how much she wanted him. In fact, even when she couldn’t run, he came to her. What amazing children! I hope they continue to be this close their entire lives – and that the look back on these memories years from now with smiles on both of their faces.

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