Twins have a special bond. Or, at least, that’s what I’ve always believed. But sometimes twins are just siblings who happened to be wombmates for the first nine months of their lives. I’m pretty sure that’s what happened with these two. After sharing space for so much time, as soon as they were born it was like neither could acknowledge the other existed. Eleven weeks. I’ve seen videos of babies holding hands right after birth, or cuddling, or finding ways to always end up close to each other…but never this. So can you imagine mom’s surprise and excitement when they finally DID notice each other? Take a look! Can you hear the excitement in mom’s voice? What an amazing experience! I don’t know why it took these two so long, but it seems like the wait was worth it – it looks like they’re going to be friends for life from now on. Welcome to the world, babies! I hope you live long and happy lives, and always keep your brother by your side.

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