It’s kind of a joke around my family that I’ve never had a big pregnancy reveal that went like I wanted it to go. I mean, we all dream of what the reveal would be like, right? We tell our loved one, there’s cheering, maybe some jumping, kissing of the belly? THAT’S the reaction I would have loved. My reality, well, not as great. I think that’s why I love watching other people’s reaction videos so much. Not that I cherished my pregnancies any less without that big reveal moment, but how awesome is it to join in other people’s love, even if just for a moment? Here are some of the sweetest (or funniest) reactions on YouTube right now! Take a look!

I think my favorite is the father in the first one. “We’re going to have a baby? For real? Really?” He’s just so genuinely sweet and happy about it! And the look on her face. Oh my gosh! The little boy crying? Yeah, that’s been more my reality. LOL! But, even if he didn’t react quite the way mom wanted him to at first, I’m sure he became a stellar big brother once the baby was actually here. To all the families in this video, I hope you had happy, healthy babies, and many years of health and happiness to come!

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kitten makes friend

pregnancy reveal excitement


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