This Toddler Couldn’t Wait To Run To His Mama

It’s hard for military to be away from their families, and just as hard for the family to miss their soldier. For little Cooper, it was harder than most. For more than a third of his young life, he lived without having his mother and father in the same house at the same time. Nineteen months total is how long his mom and dad were apart. See, they’re both in the military and while they weren’t deployed at the same time, they were deployed back to back. Which meant when Cooper finally got a chance to see his mom after nine long months, he couldn’t wait to run into her arms. Take a look!

This tearjerking moment was incredible, but even more incredible is the service and devotion of his parents to serving their country. To be without a spouse is hard enough, but to let go of a child must have been gut-wrenching. Yet, both parents did so, and thankfully, both are back home with Cooper now. Welcome back, mom and dad! Thank you for your service!

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