Turkey Leg ¦Cupcakes?

Cupcakes are Awesome!
Serving them is guaranteed to bring a on smile,
whether you are 4 or 44 or 84!
Cupcakes are yummy.
They can be a pure indulgence of flour and sugar,
or something a bit healthier like a whole grain muffin.
Add nuts and or fruit and it might even be considered
“good for you”.
Cupcakes are easy.
Starting with a cake mix you can have cupcakes in the oven within moments.
In 18 – 22 minutes your little cake morsels are ready to come out of the oven.
Now, the real fun begins.
One can merely icing a cupcake,
or add a festive touch with sprinkles.
Or…one can take cupcakes to an entirely artistic level…
think – looks too good to eat!
Jump start your creativity with this fun and inspiring book
Hello Cupcake!: Irresistibly Playful Creations Anyone Can Make
One will simply want to create an occasion to fit the cupcake!
What better occasion to serve cupcakes
than a gathering of Daisy Girl Scouts!
And with Thanksgiving being a major part of our central theme…
Well, I could not resist making Turkey Leg Cupcakes!
I started with cupcakes ordered from WalMart.
I did say Cupcakes are easy…this just makes it easier yet!
For $5.00 one can special order 12 cupcakes with only icing,
served up in a protective plastic container.
Grab a box of corn flakes, a bunch of plain donut holes,
and an extra can of icing…
again, think easy!
The prep work:
using the following picture as a guide
cut out the “drumstick knuckles”from card stock.
Cut a pointed end to insert into donut hole.
I pre-cut 12 of them.
In a zip lock bag, crush several cups of corn flakes.
Empty well crushed flakes into a large bowl.
Carefully place the donut hole “off-center” for the most
authentic turkey leg look.
Now, cover the donut hole with icing, sealing it to the base.
Once covered, you will dip the cupcake into the flakes…
Viola! A done-to-perfection look.
Pierce the donut with a sharp knife.
Insert the knuckle.
and you got yourself a Turkey Drumstick Cupcake

Who wants a drumstick?

Add a bunch of fun-loving girls,
turkey leg party hats for everyone,
Turkey Leg Cupcakes all around…
And you have a recipe worth repeating!
The best thing about Cupcakes…

spreading so much happiness!


  1. Girl….you are TOO awesome!! Such amazing memories you are making, and I love the cupcakes. Will have to check out that book 🙂

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