This Little Girl Loves To Tell Stories, Too Bad They Don’t Make Sense

We spend the first year of our child’s life waiting for their first words and wondering what they’ll be. Then we spend the rest of their lives wishing we hadn’t taught them to talk. Except, I don’t think Barry’s parent’s feel that way. Barry loves to tell stories. They don’t make much sense, but she loves to tell them. And lucky for us, her parents caught them on video for the world to see. I personally think the captions are my favorite part, but my daughter loved the ‘Chapters’ in between. Take a look!

The captions make this video, don’t they? I’d love to know what these stories sound like in her own head. I’m guessing she’s a budding JK Rowling and we just don’t realize it yet. Keep telling stories, kiddo, you’ve got a huge future ahead of you!

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