Toddler Tries To Convince Mom She’s Not Wearing Her Makeup

Toddlers love to get into things, but hate getting into trouble. Remember the last time the toilet overflowed? Probably the toddler. Not that you’d ever get the truth out of them, the little sneaks. This one is especially sneaky. When mom confronts her about getting into the make-up, she refuses to fess up. The thing is, though? The truth is written across her face. Take a look!

How funny is she? It’s like she knows she did it. She knows mom knows she did it. Yet, she still refuses to fess up. With skills like this, I’m guessing we’ve got a future attorney on our hands. Or, a criminal mastermind. Either way, she’s adorable so I’m guessing she’ll get away with a lot before she ever has to decide. Good luck, mom! You’re going to need it!

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