This NFL Cheerleader Received The Surprise Of Her Life

Words can not begin to describe the overwhelming feeling of having a loved one return from war. Military relationships are some of the hardest to maintain because there’s just so much time spent apart. At the same time, that return is the sweetest feeling you’ve ever felt. That’s exactly what Candice Valentine felt when she was surprised by her marine husband at a recent game. Candice is an NFL cheerleader and while she spends her days cheering on her team, it was an entire stadium of people cheering for her and hubby when he showed up. Take a look!

How amazing is that? Candice truly had no idea that August was home that night, and what makes it truly amazing is that Candice knows first hand what it means to serve. She herself is a member of the armed forces. For a couple like this to be part of such a special surprise truly is amazing. And I can’t imagine a couple who deserves it more. Welcome home, sir.

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