This Little Baby Does The Funniest Thing Every Time Mom Tries To Kiss Him

Babies are funny little beasties. What can make them smile one day will make them scream in horror the next. What we think they love one week, will be the one thing they won’t go near in a month. They’re finicky, ever changing, and gloriously independent. This little baby is no exception. When mom leans in for a kiss, probably a kiss he’s accepted lovingly many many times before, baby does THIS! Take a look!

Poor mom! Can you imagine if this were your baby. Actually, chances are at some point it WAS your baby. It seems every one of those little beasties goes through some stage where they deny their love. That’s okay, though. I’m sure in a week everything was back to love as normal. Keep that chin up, mom…he’ll be back to loving you soon enough!

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