This 10-Month-Old Meets His Mom’s Twin…

Babies go through so many firsts…but nothing could prepare this baby for the shock of meeting his mom’s doppleganger, er, well, her twin. Twins are confusing enough for adults, so I can only imagine what must be going through the mind of this not-quite-one-year-old child. Scratch that, I don’t think I can even imagine, though his facial expressions definitely tell a pretty big story! Take a look!

How funny is he? I love how the family thought Felix would be able to handle something like this, but this baby totally looks like he’s about ready to lose his mind. I’ve never seen a baby so confused before in his life. Still, what an adorable moment to catch on film. So funny! I’m sure Felix is doing better by now, but I sure am glad his family shared that first with the world! Definitely made my day.

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