Every bride wants the perfect wedding. Honestly, everyone wants the perfect wedding for both the bride and groom. So much goes into them, after all. Not only the expenses, but the planning, time, effort – all leading up to that magical moment where the rings are slipped on and their vows are sealed with a kiss. Well, unfortunately not everything can be planned. Especially when children are part of the wedding planning, as is the case with this flower girl. As the bride says her vows, watch what’s happening behind her!

I doubt the flower girl would remember this on her own, but I’m guessing she’ll never live it down. This is one of those moments that will live in infamy for this family, the bride and groom, all the guests, and especially the little girl for the rest of her life. It’s okay, though, because while she definitely stole the show, the bride looks like she didn’t mind too much. And what a story to be able to tell!

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