This Little Baby Talking To Dad On The Phone Will Make Your Day Brighter

When babies start to jabber, there is nothing cuter in the word. And this little girl has to be the cutest of the cute. When mom hands the phone to baby to let her talk to dad, she has a LOT to say. It isn’t that dad can understand her, even, and I’m guessing she doesn’t have a clue what he’s saying, but she’s got a lot to tell him all the same. Seriously, if anyone ever invented a gibberish app, they’d make a million bucks. Take a look!

How cute is she!?! I miss those days of baby jabber. Those pre-word days where they had so much to say, and not even a tiny bit of it made sense. As soon as they start learning words it’s like the world opens up to them and all of that sweetness becomes demands and toddlerhood. Let’s hope these parent’s got to enjoy their sweet baby for at least a little while longer…

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