This Great Dane Really Wants To Go Outside

Everyone who has a dog knows what absolute hams they are. Dogs are such characters that there’s not a single owner I know who doesn’t have hilarious stories to tell about their best friend. This great dane is no exception. When he finds out he can’t go outside to play, he lets his owner know just how sad he is in the funniest way possible. Take a look!

How great is that? I mean, I totally get it. I’d be just as sad if I were stuck inside and there was a pup to play with outside, too. Then again, this dog doesn’t look like he’s suffering too much in life and I’m guessing he got plenty of belly rubs to make up for not getting to go out. Come to think of it, I’d totally trade going outside for someone to rub my head on command. Stop whining, pup! You’re living the good life! Seriously, though, I bet this pup had a great time when he finally did get to go outside.

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Great dane sad it can't go out to play

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